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Policies & Procedures

  • We are very Covid conscious and take safety and sanitation very seriously. We will continue to wear face masks and provide extra sanitation until further notice. All team members are fully vaccinated.

  • In the event that you test positive for Covid-19 on the day of your wedding you will owe 50% of your service total. An 18% gratuity will be included in this total. Your initial deposit will be subtracted from your service total.

  • If someone in your bridal party tests positive for Covid-19 on your wedding day, you will owe 50% of their service total.

  • Our team reserves the right to deny any wedding services they do not feel safe or comfortable with for the wedding if someone from the wedding party has recently tested positive or has come in close contact with someone with Covid-19.

  • If we receive at least a 3 day notice from a Bride who tested positive for Covid-19 or was exposed to it and has decided to not move forward with their wedding, there will be a $150 booking fee per artist, minus their initial deposit. In addition we must receive a written notice.

  • If one of our team members tests positive for Covid-19 we will let the Bride know immediately and will try and find a replacement for wedding day services. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a replacement. These policies will be enforced immediately and will apply to all weddings booked for 2023.

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